Audience Research

What is audience research?

Conducting a full-fledged data-study based on testing and actual patterns of consumer behavior.

What does it give?

The ability to base strategies on facts rather than hypotheses, increasing the effectiveness of campaigns and communication with TA.

What are the possibilities of data?
  • A/B testing creatives/communications.
  • A/B video testing.
  • Testing the response to communication and brand creativity at the stage of pre-media planning.
  • Impact on purchasing power.
  • The impact on brand loyalty.
  • Impact on sales dynamics.
  • Switching competitors consumers to your brand.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of global advertising campaigns.
  • The study of consumer taste preferences at the stage of developing a new product.
  • And much more...
Understanding Live consumer behavior
and the ability to respond quickly to it.
The ability to quickly respond
to the steps of competitors.
The ability to redistribute the advertising budget
in the most effective way.
Increase predictability
of advertising campaign results.
Improving Brand Health.
Sustainable brand development
based on data.


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