Goal: Launch of a new
educational project
“Minecraft Education Edition”
for schools of Ukraine and Europe.
Partner: Fedoriv.Product: Hyper-location + Facebook + PPC.Purpose: 7000 landing page registrations,
2700 of which are in Ukraine.
Targeting: Schools of related
technical level. Building
communication from teachers to
top management.
Geography: 7 countries, 350+ schools.Result: 7000+ program registrations
only in Ukraine (practically
3 times more than planned).
Overall campaign coverage is over

Hyperlocation for Microsoft

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Goal: Presentation of a new
ASUS VivoBook S15 product.
Partner: IQ MediaPlus (AD HOC
Product: Hyper-location.TA: Premium audience.Geography: Cities with 1 mln+ population.
600+ points that include TOP
sports clubs, gas stations, restaurants,
Kyiv hub-spaces.
Additionally: White-list tuning by
premium devices.
Result: Targeting coverage over 235,000.
1,350,000 target hits.

Hyperlocation for ASUS

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Task: Launch of rebranded
oatmeal on the Ukrainian market. 
Product: Data strategy + Hyper-location
+ Facebook + Production. 
Target: Deliver targeted brand positioning
audience. To do this, we created a video,
which performed the function of branding and
broadcast the main message “Dobrodії”.
The campaign was based on an idea of
“modern Ukrainian quality”. 
Targeting: Selected national supermarket
networks in densely populated residential areas
throughout Ukraine. 
Result: +30% increase in oatmeal sales in
control stores. + 21.8% increase in brand sales
“Dobrodia” in general all over Ukraine.

Data Strategy for Dobrodia

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Task: Launching an advertising
campaign for installations of
Swedish Geberit plumbing systems.
Goal: Beat х2 previous campaign’s
result while keeping budget level
the same and bounce rate no higher
than 80%.
Таргетинг: Audience buying;
Hyperlocal mechanics;
Facebook+Instagram custom audiences/hyperlocal;
Digital TV (SLM).
Result: Plan overdone: х2,1 of clicks
amount compared with previous flight.
Bounce rate: Kept on 73% level.

Media Campaign for Geberit

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